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At CIFA Consulting, we strive to build solid long-term relationships with our clients by ensuring we deliver the highest duty of care and diligence to ensure that needs are met and goals are achieved.

Our practice is centred around five main service lines designed to provide our clients with an expansive range of services. 

Our specialist teams and global alliances utilise the best methodologies, latest technology, and comprehensive research so that we can deliver the highest standard of individualist and specialised services to each client.

Forensic Auditing & Investigative Accounting

CIFA Consulting and our international partners have decades of experience in auditing, forensic accounting, and special investigations. 

Our advisory team has been crucial to the successful recovery of the proceeds of corruption in many countries and individual members have been substantially responsible for the recovery of billions of USD of assets from various white-collar crimes.

Our Expertise Includes:

Information Security and Computer Forensics

We understand the importance of a robust Information Security Management System that would help you identify information assets, analyse the vulnerabilities and threats, and provide risk assessments. 

We are ably equipped to provide you with expert IT solutions to provide coverage in support, controls, compliance, protection, and security.

Our Expertise Includes:

Management Advisory

Our team of advisors, strengthened by years of practical knowledge and experience across many industries, can provide you with sound, multi-dimensional, and practical business solutions that will not only be focused on helping your organisation become more efficient and save money but will aid in growth and increased profitability.

Our Expertise Includes:

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